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    jean michel basquiat.

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  4. I heard this weeks ago at some pub in Intra. Such a feel-good beautiful song. They also played this beautiful version of “You belong to me”. & aah that was a good night.

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    Smashed (2012) dir. James Ponsoldt

  6. thanks hippy guru

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    1991: The Year Punk Broke

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    Ezra Miller, Michael Pitt, Jack Kilmer and KODI SMIT-MCPHEE

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  10. They [Hollywood] pound you over the head with these messages and then there’s nothing left. There’s no margin of the undefined; it’s all there for you. In all my favorite films there’s always something missing. Something to make me curious. I wanted to do that with ‘Kids.’ I think one of the reasons why everyone’s so angry is because it doesn’t give you a definitive YES or NO — this is bad, this is good. If you have any kind of sense you’ll take away some kind of message, but if you can’t see past the shock, you’re not going to get anything.” —Harmony Korine

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    99 Düsenjäger
    Jeder war ein großer Krieger
    Hielten sich für Captain Kirk
    Das gab ein großes Feuerwerk
    Die Nachbarn haben nichts gerafft
    Und fühlten sich gleich angemacht
    Dabei schoss man am Horizont
    Auf 99 Luftballons

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    John Frusciante - Of Before (different vocals)

    this version surfaced only today, after being recorded as a demo way back in 2003. absolutely beautiful.

  14. Like,they have this really racist/sexist cheap humor or have a really shitty view on things they have very little to NO knowledge about & when you call them out for it & try to educate them on things they get soo pissed & shut you up. But when,they hear it from,let’s say,someone famous or a legendary icon or whatever, they instantly change their opinions & they suddenly become this new person preaching exactly the words that came out of your mouth which actually completely contradicts on what they believed in in the first place likewow there’s actually a word for it

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  15. lexaus:

    *Always honored to be a part of festivals & movement like this. Every artists who joined were given different fact sheets & make art based on the fact sheet given to them & let our voices & people’s voices be heard through art & share it to different places. I’ve learned so much on this experience. It motivated me to get even more involved on these things. ARTvocacy is an art festival tour aimed at promoting discussion & awareness on the current human rights situation & the need to defend it & gather support for the people currently experiencing rights violations caused by intense militarization.


    Factsheet #6 Visual Arts Fest

    -features artworks by different artists based on documents called “fact sheets” prepared by paralegal & human rights workers in the course of documenting & campaigning against human rights violations. The successful run of Factsheet in 2008 led to 4 more exhibitions in the years that followed. These exhibitions featured artworks that lay bare the state of human rights in the country.

    “RIGHTS” film screening

    -compilation of independently produced – human rights themed short films/public service advertisements (PSAs). It is an open and continuing call for filmmakers to participate in the growing movement to defend & uphold human rights. During the course of the tour, filmmakers and film students will also be encouraged to submit films to become part of the RIGHTS screening.

    “TULAGALAG” poetry installation

    -Taken from two keywords “tula” or poem, and “lagalag,” which means wanderer or traveller, TULAGALAG is a mobile and public poetry installation initiative by the Kilometer 64 poetry group. By posting printed poems on the walls of streets, sidewalks, marketplaces, and under public spaces, TULAGALAG aims to bring poetry closer to the masses, especially to those who cannot afford expensive poetry books found in bookstores. Started in 2004 as part of the Neo-Angono public art project, TULAGALAG has had several series that take on various socio-political themes.

    ARTvocacy CONCERT

    -Song and music are among the most commonly used medium in the arts that can effectively send out a message of advocacy. A concert will serve as the closing event for each ARTvocacy tour. Bands and musicians that advocate human rights, including those that are already well known in the music scene, will be invited to perform.


    -the 1 million paper cranes is a campaign initiated by the SAVE BONDOC PENINSULA MOVEMENT. By collecting 1 million paper cranes or from a wide array of people, it hopes to send a message to the current government that true peace cannot be achieved through militarization and state terror, but only through unity and justice. The initiative also calls for the immediate pullout of combat troops in the rural communities of Bondoc Peninsula to prevent further rights abuse committed by soldiers against innocent civilians.

    Photo Courtesy:ArtVocacy